Growing Talent Associates Evaluation so far…..


Well, it must be a pretty positive response – the guys gave me a lovely card……


Set in the unique environment of Southwark Cathedral close to London Bridge, the Orientation Week kicked off 5 February 2018…..


The evaluations look at key workshops, speakers, the location, food, the manual used, support from the co-ordinator and JobCentre Plus.  The Growing Talent journey is evaluated at every stage by the Growing Talent Associates.


Top of the list is a confidence scale.  How confident they felt at the beginning and end of the week.  I’m pleased to say all recorded a personal growth in confidence.


The evaluations are confidential and shared with all speakers, the funders and JobCentre Plus….. here’s just a few comments below…..


‘I feel the Orientation Week is massively important.  As well as helping you to get into a routine after being out of work for a period of time, it is also hugely confidence boosting’.


‘The Social Enterprise was a really scary experience for me because I try to avoid public speaking at all cost.  Having done it, I am very proud of myself and would like to continue building on my public speaking skills.’


‘I feel Growing Talent is a great programme and I’ve already recommended it to my family and friends’


Check back to see how the guys get on……………..