Growing Talent Associates’ Thoughts………… now the end is nigh!


Be motivated, creative, ready & willing to meet new challenges.  Think positively – always try to push yourself forward & never give up!” Mokhtar, Harrow Green


Growing Talent – the spectacular route to success! Never be afraid to challenge yourself to try something alien to you.  You won’t know until you try.  Believe in yourself and everything will fall into place”, Ilamathy, Red Personnel


“Work everyday to become the person you want to be ….. one step at a time”, Sebastien, Invest In Buy To Let


“There is a quote I learned as a kid by Groucho Marx – ‘There is a man outside with a great moustache, tell him I have one too’.  I always laughed at it but never understood it.  I interpret it as integration.   Growing Talent you can learn and integrate with others and grow – even without a moustache!”, Stefan, Mitie Connect


“Stick with it as you continue to learn, apply it to not only to your working life but life in general and watch how you will see yourself grow”, Leon, Pertemps


“Even thought times might be difficult or challenging, always remain positive and stick with it.  Anything is achievable if you are positive and if you believe……”, Ashley, Harrow Green


The ONLY person that can STOP YOU from achieving great things, being the best ou can be, is YOU.  Don’t worry about things you can or cannot solve.  Life is too short”, Zainab, Harrow Green


“Stick with it because you will see the positive change to your life and remember to keep on smiling”, John, Iron Mountain


Wise words from those that know……….