Growing Talent’s final holistic week of 2019!


As the feature photo shows – Tequila’s cartoons from the art workshop – we have a lot of fun on the Holistic Week as well as a lot of learning!

We started with an upgrade by the venue to the executive floor. An amazing environment with board games, Pick n Mix, football table and lunch breakfast! Check out the photos below:

Breakfast each day looked like this. I can recommend the avacado and tomato bites!!!

Sweet tooth?
Anyone for football?
One of the board games in the breakout area….

We kicked off with the two day Mental Health First Aider qualification course. This intense course covers legislation, the origination and growth of the first aider programme in mental health through to learning the key steps to intervention for depression, suicide, anxiety, personality and eating disorders, understanding self harm as a behaviour and psychosis amongst other things..

Tequila, Daniel and Debbie – now qualified Mental Health First Aiders with their certificates!
and with their manuals – an inch thick they contain a lot of information!

So, after this intense two days – what did they think of the MHFA course?

‘I now have a much better understanding of mental health and what people go through. It should 100% be included in the holistic week’.

‘I learned how to help myself and others. The course breakdown the stigma surrounding mental health.’

‘This was so useful’.

The rest of the week covered art, keeping fit, nutrition, personal finance and waste/recycling.

Debbie, Daniel and Tequila outside the National Gallery. All selected their favourite portraits from the adjacent National Portrait Gallery.

Debbie & Shennell drawing their own portraits!
Daniel & Tequila on he portrait trail! Howls of laughter when each showed the other their finished art work!
Tequila and Daniel showcasing their fitness poster – some top tips from their learning on Growing Talent.
Shennell & Debbie also had some great thoughts for fitness on a budget!

Year on year Kate & Sofie of Healthy Bites Nutrition (HBN) have delivered an excellent myth busting nutrition workshop, sharing key information on nutrition on a budget, staying healthy in the workplace, reading food labels correctly, understanding the merits of vegan and sugar free diets as well as many other things including their DIY nutritional pot noodle. Sofie will deliver this workshop in 2020 as Kate is relocating to St Helena for two years.

Kate & Sofie of HBN
Shennell – Growing Talent Ambassador & Anna lead at JobCentre Plus for Growing Talent at the end of the Holistic Week for Growing Talent’s 24th programme.

So final thoughts from the guys……….

‘I’ll always be glad I did Growing Talent, I can’t overstate how useful it has been in changing my views on work and life in general – thank you’

‘Keep up the great work. Everything is good as it is. Really loved it. Thank you very much’

Take it from those that know & get involved.