Growing Talent’s Holistic Vibe


The Holistic Vibe for Growing Talent 14 takes place early September at Southwark Cathedral.  This week is about getting used to keeping our minds and bodies healthy which enables us to work effectively.


We often overlook the simple things that keep us healthy such as creativity, power breathing, managing our finances and fitness, getting used to waste and recycling – not just ‘things’ but also our minds.


It’s a welcome break from the shifts worked and routine of going to work everyday!  For some Growing Talent Associates this will include weekends!


MHFA – is the global Mental Health First Aider’s programme which qualifies all as a First Aider in Mental Health a key skills in life as well as at work.  This programme is recognised in over 23  countries.  The two centimetre think manual gives lots of onward learning and signposting.


Dan of Suez delivers an innovative workshop on waste and recycling in business and the differences across residential boroughs.  This often reignites the passion for our own environments but also fits with decluttering our minds – an integral part of wellbeing.


A trip to a local art gallery gives creative inspiration ready for the Art class with Chris.  Chris shares her love of drawing, her mistakes, shading techniques and tools she’s used creating an inclusive, fun activity – something the Associates can continue with should they wish to.


Isn’t it amazing how quickly money goes – and we don’t really know where it’s gone!  That’s the magic of Jon’s workshop on Personal Finance.  Some top tips on budgets, savings and spending….


Do you know how many ingredients are in a shop brought blueberry muffin? You may be shocked to know one we tested had 48 different ingredients to meet shelf life obligations.  Now, even taking into account ingredients used at home – blueberries, flour, butter etc – it’s a lot less than shop brought.  Scary chemicals in our food and don’t get Kate from HBN talking about sugar!  Knowing what to each to stay healthy and energised is so essential.


Wellbeing – taking time to reflect on our positive achievements is key. Personal fitness – covers what you can do that doesn’t cost the earth and can be built in seamlessly at work – staying hydrated, walking round the floor each hour, leaving the lift a couple of floors early and using the stairs – the tips are endless!