Hanging on the telephone………….


It almost felt like that this weekend!


My usual phone round to see how the Growing Talent Associates are doing.  Overall – really positive!


In her own words ‘I wake-up really excited to go to work’ – Zainab is based with the admin support team at Harrow Green.  She’s learning all areas.  Last week she was placed with Catherine to look at ordering, how Government contracts are run and so on.  She even has her football kit together ready to start training with the Harrow Green team this Thursday!


Ilamathy was really pleased to learn James and the team at Red Personnel are really pleased with her.  Working in resourcing, Ilamathy supports the Recruitment Consultants with leads and contacts.  She loves the team and base at Marylebone – not that far from home!


Sebastien is based with Invest In Buy To Let a small company in Farringdon investing in properties for their clients.  He’s learning a lot and property is an area he’s long been interested in.


Ashley with Harrow Green was a little hesitant last week at the prospect of going to Croydon where the end role is based.  He thought it might be a longer journey and of course it’s getting used to a new team.  Ashley needn’t have worried.  The journey was actually sorter than what he was used to getting to Silvertown and the team just as supportive!  He also liked going to a client site and seeing how operations were different in that environment.


John has changed so much in just a couple of weeks.  As his confidence has grown, his uncertainty has reduced!  A letter from JobCentre Plus would have caused him great concern a couple of weeks ago.  Now he takes it in his stride knowing there has been a communication cross over!  John likes being busy and meeting new people at Iron Mountain.


Craig is based at Iron Mountain with John and Ashling.  Used to the work, Craig has worked in logistics and warehousing before so this isn’t new to him but the team and getting back to work after a long time is raising his self-esteem.


Unfortunately Ashling was poorly all of last week but her team and the other Associates have been so supportive, missing her and wanting her back.  Highlighting the camraderie of Growing Talent.  She is so looking forward to get back to Iron Mountain.


It was with a little trepidation I called Stefan – only because I interrupted him spectating a football match last week – great timing!  He’s fitted in with the team at MitieConnect like a glove.  He feels really comfortable and has experience of similar work before.  He feels like he’s always been there!


Unfortunately, Leon and Mokhtar couldn’t be reached but I know from previous communication earlier in the week, both are thriving!


Really positive feedback which I hope continues.  All of their employers have been just as solid in their praise.


There could be some really good results ahead………… watch this space!


Great job everyone!