Harrow Green – 1st Site Visit!


Friday 8 May saw the first of the site visits for Growing Talent 5!  


Harrow Green has a large depot and offices in Silvertown.  Sharon, Exec Assistant & Trev, Ops Manager, had selected Shanika, José, Jason, Bradley & Gavin to join their team on Growing Talent.  I was keen to discover how they were settling in!


It’s always inspirational travelling out to Harrow Green.  Located in a part of London undergoing a lot of investment and development, there is always something new to see from the windows of the DLR out to Pontoon Dock.  A short walk from the station to Harrow Green’s offices, I was greeted by Bradley who was ensuring the entrance was clean and welcoming.


Each of the five Growing Talent Associates were seen individually with myself, Sharon and Trev.


Bradley was getting used to the structure and routine of employment and looking forward to making a difference to Harrow Green’s warehouse team over the coming weeks.


Gavin had found it different but enjoyable work and was looking forward to learning more.   He’s also in the warehouse team.


Jason – loved everything so far from the ‘going to work’ feeling to learning the technology Harrow Green use eg tablet’s in their installations.   As part of the operations team, Jason will be multiskilled in all areas.


José has made his mark too!  With a passion for HR, José is currently going to evening college for more qualifications.  His main task at Harrow Green at the moment is to research, design, test and deliver a database system with ease of accessibility at every level for all departments.  Working closely with David, the new HR Manager, José has lots of ideas!


Shanika is soaking up the ‘knowledge’ within Harrow Green’s  Customer Service team and already is seen as ‘one of them’!  Although initially nervous having only worked in retail, Shanika has embraced the learning on offer from the whole team.  She is now glowing with confidence.


Trev, also known as The Legend, is arranging for José and Shanika to go out with the removals team this week to learn each process of Harrow Green’s business.  This will enhance their learning and enable them to support the business much more effectively.


It was great to bump into James & Samik from Growing Talent 2 – still loving their roles at Harrow Green.   They are on hand to encourage and support Shanika & José in the office.  Jason, Bradley & Gavin aren’t missing out on this kind of support by being in the operations side.  Michael, Joshua, Daoud, Selwyn & Matt from Growing Talent 3 & 4 are their ‘cheerleaders’!


I left an enthused group of Growing Talent Associates to enjoy their weekend ahead.  More great stories ahead…………..


Shanika and Jose

Trev, Shanika, Sharon & José