Harrow Green’s 3 Amigos! – aka Rupert, Michael & Luke


From day one Rupert, Michael and Luke have been enthused, focussed with a great sense of humour.  Encouraging and nurturing all around them.


Rupert is the ‘fitter’ putting together furniture etc, Michael is in the office working with the sales team and Luke is the specialist packer! ¬†Within a few short weeks they have found their pathways to a great career supported by Sharon and the team at Harrow Green.


As Rupert and Luke explained they get to see inside amazing buildings and pack some unique items for Harrow Green’s clients. ¬†Indeed Luke wasn’t happy to be ‘grounded’ at base for my visit – he was due to pack a high profile figure’s belongings in central London!



Above are Sharon, Luke, Michael, Rupert and Mokhtar – from the previous Growing Talent programme.


An inspirational visit with three honourable, driven men who have each overcome amazing obstacles and delivered on this great opportunity.


Check back to see how well they get on………