Having the last word…..


Today Annarita, Kerry & Naazzaariey joined their employers for the start of the in-role training part of Growing Talent. It’s fitting they have the last word on the Orientation Week……

Head judge Allen presenting Annarita with her prize after winning the Social Enterprise Challenge!

Here’s what they thought…..

On their confidence growth over the week, all three said this had increased noticeably from where they were at the start.

What was the best part of the orientation week for you?

“Meeting new people. Learning about their experiences and meeting Jane who is an inspirational woman in her own right”, Annarita

“The art therapy session and the social enterprise challenge!” Naazzaariey

“Meeting lovely people” Kerry

Have you learned anything about yourself over this week?

“That I can speak up when needed”, Kerry

“I have learned to stop self-doubting, stop overthinking and that I am important”. Naazzaariey

“Yes, to be more aware of my body language and how important it is when communicating with others. In time I will gain my confidence back – I just need to be patient”, Annarita

What did you think of the 3Rs workshop with Lesley?

“This was great. I learned about healthy eating especially what not to eat before a meeting to be more alert!”, Kerry

“Lesley delivered this very well. She got everyone engaged when asking questions. Great tone of voice”, Naazzariey

“I really enjoyed the information and the way it was presented. I would love to have copies of Lesley’s workshop. I found it really interesting”, Annarita

How did you find the Art Therapy workshop with Emma of Unravelling Minds?

“Emma was lovely. She made me think a little about my own experiences. Her exercises made me think about looking for the things in life I love to do”, Annarita

“I loved exploring my creative side”, Naazzaariey

“Brilliant, Emma was very calming and gentle. I found this workshop very inspiring”, Kerry

Is it worth doing the Orientation Week, or would you prefer to go straight into work?

“Yes, it’s definitely worth doing. I feel like I learned things about myself that I would not learn going straight to the work part”, Jerry

“It helped doing the orientation week as you get to do team activities, confidence boosting activities and it makes you focus on timekeeping!” Naazzaariey

“I think the orientation week is really important. It has eased me into the process and introduced me to different people, experiences and taught me things that will help me in my new job role”, Annarita

Very last question – are you glad you applied for Growing Talent?

“Certainly, I feel privileged to have been part of this process. I wouldn’t have had access to the role with PwC;s community team otherwise. Equally, I would never have thought of applying for the role – it’s so different to anything I’ve done before”, Annarita

“Yes because I was able to gain new skills”, Kerry

“Yes, it’s been good experience”, Naazzaariey

So there you have it – straight from those who know! Check back to see how Annarita, Kerry and Naazzaariey get on……

Kerry, Annarita & Naazzaariey with our judges – Anna – JCP, Lina – ISS, Allen – PwC, Michelle – PwC & Melinda – ISS – thank you all for your time…