Healthy Nutrition Bites – you bet it does!


Kate and Sofie, whose company is Healthy Nutrition Bites, introducing their session and what is going to be covered including the hidden facts on food, how to save money and get double the taste for DIY breakfasts and lunches.


Kate gave a quick example of making a healthy breakfast which has slow release energy keeping us fuller for longer more focussed and therefore more productive.  Putting in layers of yoghurt, some oats, frozen fruits, nuts etc.  Max volunteered to try the finished product and agreed it was tasty!


Max tries the breakfast


Sofie and Kate  covered the main  food groups, dangers of supplements – costly and not effective in absortion into the body in the same way natural food absorbs vitamins and minerals, hidden sugars in different food – including flavoured water, smart snacking, easy switches – eg popcorn instead of crisps, food labelling – crucial in trying to work out how much sugar/fat is in the processed food we buy.


Surprising for one of the Growing Talent Associates to learn the Monster drinks they buy daily contain 13 teaspoons of sugar!  Would you actually put this amount of sugar in drinks you make yourself?  A sobering thought.


You might think pot noodles are really unhealthy.  But you can make your own version really cheaply, quickly and to your own taste.  Most importantly, it’s a lot healthier than the shop brought versions!


Kate and Sofie prep the DIY food


Kate and Sofie laid out some of the various ingredients you can use – rice noodles, frozen corn, peas, spring onions, fresh spinach, chili flakes, low salt stock powder, low salt soy – the options are endless!  By taking the dry ingredients to work and adding boiling water you have a quick, nutritious and cheap lunch!



Max and Selwyn composing their pot noodles although Selwyn said on tasting his, he was a little heavy handed with the chilli flakes!



Courtney and Sinead taste their masterpieces – move over Jamie Oliver!  Both were impressed on how tasty it was.


Food labelling card from British Heart Foundation

Food labelling card from the British Heart Foundation website.  This card can be kept in a purse or wallet to halp make the right choices if you do need to get food ‘on the go’.



Check out the website for more information on food and nutrition –


Can’t wait to see the choices the guys make at dinner tonight!!!!!