Healthy Nutrition Bites!


This is the actual name of Kate & Sophie’s company.  Having met at University and both gone into nutrition roles within the public sector, they decided to form their own business to share the knowledge they have gathered over the years.


They have devised a robust programme to ensure knowledge in nutrition, price and cost of foods.   Their recipes and tips are contained in the Holistic Vibe manual for easy onward reference. Kate below is illustrating how many of our ‘five a day’ are contained in the meal shown.  It’s really quite easy to incorporate all the food groups into daily meals……………… when we know how!




Quick lunches are key for Growing Talent Associates.  Something cheap, nutritious and accessible whether in a warehouse, office or anything in-between!



Kate setting out the ingredients for the pot noodle extravaganza whilst Sophie is ready with the hot water!

An innovative pot noodle is one of the compositions, they deliver.



Alex and Bradley starting their road to Michelin stardom!


Alex and Shanika selecting their ingredients!


Proof is in the taste as Reese can testify!


Lots of interesting facts and tips were given by Healthy Nutrition Bites including all types of fruit and vegetables counts.  They don’t have to be fresh. E.g. canned, frozen, dried – offering endless opportunities.  The only thing to watch for is syrup/salt in cans.  But what did the guys think?


“Actually increased my interest in trying to eat more healthily”

“Shocked to learn some of the unhealthy things I have been eating!”

“Good insight to nutrition”

“Very interesting with good information.  Good to learn how others cook”

“Educational – especially the myth busting part.  I feel a lot more confident with cooking and nutrition – practical session was amazing”

“Enjoyed eating the noodles”

“The different techniques we explored were brilliant”

“I thought it would be something I wouldn’t have time for, but actually, it’s really doable!”


With this knowledge the Growing Talent Associates are unstoppable!