Hidden Talent Revealed…..


The first Growing Talent hybrid has successfully completed revealing so much talent that was previously hidden.

Following a robust selection process – without a single job description, cv or formal job interview – eleven unemployed people were selected to take part from London and Birmingham in the inaugural Growing Talent hybrid.

Unfortunately, one chose to reject the offer in favour of a manual role they felt would suit them better. All remaining ten then started their journey into permanent employment with a global financial organisation with an end role ring-fenced for them in the Business Services Support team.

Comradery grew and flowed throughout the first stage of the journey – the orientation and holistic week. During this week all shared their views and thoughts, gave encouragement to each other and shared their experiences and hopes as we covered:

Above are the books we use on the Growing Talent Hybrid journey. Both are essential tools in onward reflection and learning.

All were due to start stage 2 together on 2 August but various things happened – including ‘ping gate’ (so many courier drivers had to self-isolate due to being ‘pinged’ by the Track and Trace service) which prevented all getting the equipment to start the employer’s induction – stage 2!

During Stage 2, another two didn’t make it through. One was removed due to poor commitment and involvement. A second person decided the end role was not something they wanted after all so they withdrew to focus on their dream of a career in media.

The remaining eight, not only completed their employer’s induction but secured employment in their ring-fenced jobs too!

Will we run the hybrid again? If there are jobs to fill and insightful employers who want to recruit in a unique way…… why not? Watch for news on this website…..