Holistic – ‘Treatment of the whole’……


The definition of ‘holistic’ aptly fits what we cover on Growing Talent’s Holistic Week…….


18-23 June inclusive saw our return to Southwark Cathedral for this element of the Growing Talent programme.  We generally start with the two day Mental Health First Aider course which delivers a qualification.  An intense two days of growth in how we see mental health.  This time we were joined by Sirio an employer from Ballymore.  The MHFA is so thick, the guys get a gym workout by default – who needs weights!


‘I think it was very informative and raises awareness on the importance of our mental health’


‘I felt confident in my knowledge of mental health before the course but I had no idea how to deal with it.  I do now!’


After an intense couple of days, we relaxed a little with ‘fun learning’.  In Everyday Finance we cover amongst other things bank accounts, standing orders, direct debit, credit and debit cards, debt management, the power of money, saving and basic investing options – generally how to make the most of our money.


‘This workshop made me more penny conscious!’  ‘It made me challenge the way I currently bank’.


Just as putting the right petrol in a car is key to it’s efficient running, so is eating/drinking the right things for us humans!  Kate from HBN (Health Bites Nutrition) shared some myth busting knowledge as well as healthy swaps and eating nutritionally on a budget.  The practical was making a healthy pot noodle which the guys reported on the following day as being great and something they would repeat.  Shae even said she might reduce her visits to the chicken shop!!!


A curve ball on the Holistic Week is always the Art project.  The guys have to agree on which art gallery they will visit – The Tate Modern or The National.  Armed with their project sheet, they pick a piece which ‘speaks to them’.  Either love it or hate it.  They then have to ask a series of questions and bring their completed sheet in the following day.  The purpose of this is to make everyone make use of these free institutions we’re lucky to have in London.  By asking questions whilst looking at exhibitions, it makes appreciation easier and effectively reduces stress levels without even realising it!  Although there was some hesitancy at the start, all the guys enjoyed this exercise…..


‘It wasn’t something I’d choose to do but it was a new experience.  I enjoyed it.  Art is a tool to de-stress’.


‘I haven’t visited an art gallery for years.  I liked this visit and it made we realise my appetite for art is maturing and growing.  I found the drawing exercises therapeutic and will use y drawing kit as an escape from my work life’.


‘The gallery visit was fun and interesting.  I draw a bit myself.’  Delroy seen below with Imran…..

Our Waste & Recycling workshop delivered awareness of the use of plastic……


‘Raised awareness of our planet’

‘Made me realise the extent of the damage that is being done and ways I can counter this’

‘It’s good to see what happens behind the scenes’


What did the guys think of the manuals for the holistic week?


‘Great books to look back on – especially the recipes – mmmmmm!”The manuals are really useful as they are detailed, practical and relevant to everyday life’.


So as Growing Talent is almost over, what are the thoughts of those who took part?


‘It has taught me knew things and got me into a routine.  I’d still apply if I could go back to the beginning’  ‘My advice to anyone thinking of doing Growing Talent is go for it with an open mind’.


‘I’d definitely apply if I could go back to the beginning of the journey knowing what I do now.  I wish I’d known about Growing Talent sooner.  Stay open minded – you don’t know everything.  Being on Growing Talent makes me feel converted from a non-worker to a fully fledged worker.  Everyday you learn something new – pass it on’


‘Approach it with an open mind.  Growing Talent has made a world of difference to me, made me more content, less stressed and given me stability and balance in my life.’


Thanks to the guys soon t be employers – Ballymore Group & Pertemps for the opportunities they have offered…..