Mind & Body Balance – Holistic Vibe


The penultimate week of Growing Talent covers the softer skills essential to healthy, life long employment.

The first two days are spent undertaking the global Mental Health First Aider qualification – destigmatizing the subject matter and giving confidence to look after ourselves and those around us better.

All agreed these days were exhausting but enjoyable! With a recently trained new Instructor joining us, Catherine, she soon came to know all personalities in the room.

Diagnosing any mental health condition is difficult for seasoned professionals. The Anxiety cards is an exercise used to show the MHFA course is not about diagnosing but about recognising a change and starting a conversation using the ALGEE + Reflection system.

After reading a general summary of the key anxiety disorders, each Growing Talent Associate had to try to put their symptom cards under just one heading – really difficult to do!

Discussing how Anxiety related to emotions is so hard to live with, the guys came up with an image of what this might look like on someone struggling….

After two days completing all four parts of the Adult mental Health First Aider qualification, Catherine presented the certificates of completion.

Fitness was another section we covered. Working in pairs the guys were tasked with devising either a fitness poster or magazine front cover using everything they’d learned on the Growing Talent journey.

Of course Romain went the extra mile by giving an example of some fitness exercises!!!!

Miyuki & Michael showcasing their magazine cover – title in Japanese – thanks to Miyuki!
Sheldon and Shennell delivering their thoughts on fitness
Stephen & Jordan share their thoughts on fitness in the workplace
The guys visit the National Gallery as part of their art project

On returning to Etc Venues for the rest of the Holistic Week, the guys undertook short tasks such as continuous line drawing, blind drawing, drawing each other, learning how to draw cartoon characters and of course drawing the pictures they chose at the Gallery! Of course they all wished they chose something simpler!

James and Miyuki trying to be ever so serious!
Jordan and Stephen definitely not peeking at their pads!
Shennell and Romain clearly having too much fun blind drawing!

The Holistic Week is all about nurturing ourselves. Why not try doing something completely different next time you have a few minutes spare?