Holistic Week At Southwark Cathedral…..


After almost seven weeks on site the Growing Talent 12 Associates were ready for a little R ‘n’ R!  A packed week lay ahead hosted by Southwark Cathedral included the 3Rs, Nutrition, Waste & Recycling, Personal Finance, Wellbeing, Mental Health First Aiders course and an art project!  Where was the R ‘n’ R in all of that!


Unfortunately, Ashling had to attend work and Craig couldn’t attend Thursday & Friday so the dynamic 8 will share their knowledge with the guys……


The Agenda was:


Monday – Part 1 & 2 MHFA Course + 3Rs delivered by Lesley and watched by Hayley from PwC

Tuesday – Part 3 & 4 MHFA course + Healthy Bites Nutrition with Kate dispelling some myths!

Wednesday – Waste & Recycling, Kitchen Know How, Hippy Dippy, Housing – what do you know?

Thursday – Personal Finance – the 3 x thirds! Tate Art Gallery visit

Friday – Art Class, evaluations and final stage administration


Lunch each day was provided by Elior’s Elaine had her team…..


Exhausted bu enthused, the Associates left for a relaxing weekend before work beckons on Monday!


Check back to see how the guys get on……