Holistic Week ends with some culture!


With so many of their peers employed early, and one on holiday, five attended the Holistic Week at Southwark Cathedral.


Starting with a roller coaster of emotions sharing experiences on the two day Mental Health First Aiders course – an intense two days that all agreed was worth it!


Dan from Suez  held a roundtable chat on waste and recycling comparing what each of their boroughs did compared with the businesses they work at.  It was really revealing how some businesses need to do more as do councils – especially for residents in flats.


Next we worked on our ‘essential document box’ did a personal finance workshop followed by a visit to a local art gallery.


Working as a team, Lisa, Zara, Zac and Jamie had to agree which gallery they would visit where they were tasked with identifying a piece of work that ‘stood out’ to them – either because it was so good or really bad!.


On the final day.  Chris a part-time artist shared sketching techniques and the basics of drawing.  First though, they had to draw their chosen picture.  For the first time ever, all selected the same painting for different reasons.  The interpretation of the same picture each time was clear.  Lisa especially loved smudging and ended with very dirty hands!


Kate from HBN shared top tips on nutrition on a budget.  The guys then made their own pot noodle to try at home!


An early finish to enjoy the sunshine before returning to work on Monday will be the cherry on top!


So what was their thoughts on the week’s activities?

‘The art class was fun and a bit outside  my comfort zone – but that’s ok, I learnt a lot’

‘I’ll definitely look at my bank account more after doing the finance workshop’

‘Loved the gallery visit – made us really bond as a group’

‘The manuals are extremely informative.  I’ll use them throughout my working life’

‘Growing Talent was 100% on of the best courses I’ve ever done.  Fantastic opportunity & amazing support’