How can something so pretty cause so much destruction?


The feature photo by Syaibatul Hamdi on Pixabay is, to me quite haunting. It could almost be a piece of art hanging in anyone’s living room. The symbolic eye on us, shows just how powerful the virus is and how ultimately fragile we humans are.

Since CoVid 19 appeared in the world last December, it has reaped destruction in its sprint across the globe. But the random acts of kindness we’ve seen show it’s also delivered a strong community spirit as well.

The photo above, again from Pixabay but this time by Miguel A Padrinan, shows the medical/chemical fight back. Exhausted NHS staff step up every day putting themselves in an unknown frontline for strangers supported by many ancillary staff and critical workers still working to get essential goods delivered to ensure all of us suffer a little less than we might otherwise do. Families are torn apart through isolation from loved ones and in some cases don’t get the opportunity to say a final goodbye.

This is a time to work together, support each other and notice the actions of all which shown true their character.

CoVid19 is clearly doing all it can to tear us apart. Whilst it may not seem like it, this is a moment in time. It will end. When it is gone, will our community spirit be gone with it? Or will acceptance and cohesion take its place?