If it’s good enough for landowners…


Surely it’s good enough for business!

A feature in a weekend supplement showed the amazing benefits several landowners had reaped by ditching traditional means of revenue such as shooting parties, lavish weddings, corporate events in favour of WELLNESS!

That’s right – wellness retreats, wellness fairs, wellness festivals – forest swimming, breathing techniques, meditation etc!

The World Economic Forum, Cap Gemini, Genos International, Harvard Review to name but a few, focus on the critical aspect of Emotional Intelligence today – the 5th Industrial Revolution which focuses on AI and the critical need for EI to go with it. Artificial Intelligence cannot undertake the core skills of human emotional intelligence – influence, empathy, persuasion etc.

Self awareness, awareness of others, authenticity, emotional reasoning, self management, inspiring performance are core competencies of Emotional Intelligence – wellness is a major underpinning element.

So, imagine if businesses took the Emotional Intelligence of their people and workplace and made it front and centre – part of their DNA – how much would their revenue and reputation increase? How much would their staff churn decrease?

At Growing Talent we have always made all aspects of EI front and centre of the programme. Everyone on the programme undergoes empowering wellness and wellbeing workshops as well as effective communication. In addition, they undertake the accredited global proactive positive mental health and wellbeing I-act Managing and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing.

The in-depth training and collaboration Growing Talent Associates receive mean they hit their employers’ already head and shoulders above their usual new talent.

Recruit a different way. Recruit the only way to know the match is right before the cost of hiring whilst increasing your diversity and inclusion without even trying!

Growing Talent 28 is now open until 21 March 22 for employers with permanent jobs to fill.