In their own words……….


So after a week of diverse topics, speakers and events, what did the Associates on Growing Talent 14 think?


What was the best part?

‘Meeting new people and understanding different key skills’

‘All of it was enjoyable as we learnt a lot we can take forward’

‘The breathing exercises have really helped me’

‘Coming out of my comfort zone and interacting with new people’

‘Making new friends’

‘The 3Rs was my favourite’

‘The Cathedral tour’


Did you learn anything about yourself?

‘Yes, I’m not a public speaker’!

‘Yes, I have hidden skills’

‘Not to let myself get in my head’

‘I can be myself and still be liked’

‘I learnt to overcome my nerves using the breathing techniques – especially in the presentations’

‘I need to be more confident in myself’

‘Don’t under estimate myself’

Is it worth doing the Orientation Week or would you prefer to go straight into work?


‘It was great doing the Orientation week as it personally prepared me for work life and more’

‘I would have been too nervous going straight into the workplace.  The Orientation week has given me confidence and routine’.

‘Definitely worth doing the orientation week – helps with confidence and knowledge on how to cope with certain situations’

‘The Orientation week prepares you much better for work’

‘Definitely doing the Orientation week is better’

‘Doing the Orientation week is wroth doing.  It prepares you for the work environment especially if you’ve never worked before’

‘It was very good doing the orientation week’


So there you have it.  Armed with their Orientation Manuals for onward learning, a lot more confidence, key workplace knowledge and a solid circle of supportive peers, the Growing Talent 14 Associates left to enjoy the weekend.