Interview Time…


Yesterday, I interviewed Growing Talent employers and also individuals associated with the program.

img_3163Firstly I travelled to More London to interview Michelle and Michal from Portico. Michelle ex Forensic Policewoman and Michal who has visited every continent in the whole world! Apart from these amazing stories they also told me the ins and outs of their involvement in Growing Talent. They work as a team to provide individuals with an opportunity so that they can get into the working world and give them a chance to succeed in their ideal career. One of Michelle and Michal’s past Growing Talent graduates, Rehana is now a fully trained Team Leader! They understand everyone goes through hard times and say “Yes, you do go through hard times but you will get through it” this is a great confidence boost for their Growing Talents, these guys should keep up the good work!

img_3176My second interview was with Dan from Suez at Hays Galleria. Dan spends his weekends playing football – including running a youth team –  and in the week overseas 29 site’s waste and recycling! Dan was the commentator for Chelsea for four years on fan zone, thats not something everyone can claim to have done! Dan plays his part in Growing Talent as one of the team on the Orientation Week.  He’s often been a judge of  the Social Enterprise presentations ‘I like to see people apply themselves outside their comfort zone.’   Dan returns to run an interative workshop on waste and recycling during the Holistic Week.   “Growing Talent gives people the opportunity to secure a permanent job.  I like being part of that.’

img_3180My final interview of that day was with Chris from Portico.  She has a passion for Art. She uses her passion to show the Growing Talent Associates some creativity they can use during their lunchtimes/breaks/at home which is cheap and relaxing.  In the workshop Chris teaches basic sketching, shading, and drawing.  From the basics of how to hold a pencil to get the best ‘flow’ to the skills of blind drawing.  This always draws laughter in the room when Growing Talent Associates draw each other without looking at their paper!  Prior to Chris’s workshop, the Growing Talent Associates undertake an off-site project.  Together they visit an art gallery, select a painting that stands out to them – either because the love it or hate it.  They note down various things about the painting and one question they would ask the artist.  What they don’t know is they are asked to recreate their painting as a ‘taster’ before Chris arrives.  She loves to see the Growing Talent Associates come out of their shell and show their creative side.  Chris has often delivered this workshop during her annual holidays.  When she wants to spend time away from work to switch off she goes to the cinema with her friends and also enjoys crosswords, as well as continue with her own art classes.  This also brings out not just her creative side but also her social side!

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