Invest in Growing Talent? Invest In Buy To Let Have!



Selvan and Shane


A unique organisation in the buy to let market investment market, Shane & Selvan have invested their time and energy in nurturing Growing Talent Associates to become valuable talent within their business – Invest In Buy To Let.   As property investors themselves, they have expertise identifying potential gems.


On Growing Talent 6, Selvan and Shane selected Mali to join them.  Hungry to learn, Mali has soaked up everything Selvan, Shane and the team have taught him.




The smile says it all! – officially Growing Talent 6 doesn’t complete until 25 September but Mali’s commitment, performance and future potential has seen Selvan & Shane not only move him from Sales to Marketing, but appointed him to a leadership position!


‘I’ve really enjoyed Growing Talent.  I’m glad I did it and recommend it to others’ – Mali’s thoughts when asked if he would do it all over again.


With Rose Marie, Priti, Jerome & Mike joining Invest In Buy To Let on Growing Talent 7, Mali has an additional task – to future and support those following him!




‘Getting used to the earlier starts takes some getting used to’ shared Rose Marie.  After a solid background in theatre facilitation she’s prepared for the challenges that lie ahead and ‘is great on the phone’ as everyone told me.




Laid back as always, Mike looks as though he’s always been part of the team.  Strange to remember this is just the second week for the Associates!  Although no previous experience in the property world, Mike has run his own sales business and is full of ideas…….


jerome mike selvan and shane


Here is one the guys weren’t ready for!  Jerome with Mike (just!), Sylvan & Shane.  We took over the conference room at Waterside Studios for a few more snaps.


Priti and Jerome

Also managed to capture Priti & Jerome!


With a passion for design, Priti has already come up with ideas to illustrate the six services Invest In Buy To Let offer their clients and is enthused about the challenge of brand awareness.


Naturally relaxed, Jerome is full of empathy, innovation, solutions and is now ready to make his mark at Invest In Buy To Let.


Watch this space for how the guys get on over the coming weeks…………