Is ‘OK’ performance/leadership ever ok?


Research shows the biggest part of an organisation’s culture consists of ‘ok’ performance/leadership, approximately 68%.

OK is pretty much ‘indifferent’. Does the job but no more.

Using Emotional Intelligence tools to assess, develop, actions and coach individuals can move ‘ok’ performance to ’empowered’ performance.

The table below shows the benefits organisations can achieve by investing in Emotional Intelligence for their business and people.

From Genos International

The benefits are clear to see. Think about it. Water is hot at 211 degrees Fahrenheit. But just one degree increase, it becomes steam – and we know from the feature photo the benefits that delivers.

Investing in Emotional Intelligence enables ‘ok’ performers to become great, memorable – for the right reason – performers.

At Growing Talent, we use Genos Emotional Intelligence tools to deliver a solid foundation for Growing Talent Associates joining your business to deliver a memorable performance!