“It’s all good….”


This was Parry’s thoughts on his first week onsite with @BreyerGroup last week. Parry is on the left in the feature photo.

I was intrigued to learn what the first week held for Parry….

Speaking on Bank Holiday Monday, Parry was in the middle of a declutter spree ahead of going to his local shoreline to get some head space time.

It was a bit of a shock for Parry based in Wandsworth to be at Breyer Group’s induction at Dartford – starting 8am! – He made it there at 7.30am!

The next two days Parry shadowed James a Multi-Skilled Operative with Breyer before joining Jose, another Multi Skilled Operative based in Wandsworth. Parry is enthused by the variety of tasks – electrical, carpentry, plumbing and electrics coupled with working with diverse members of Breyer’s team – every day is different.

Collaborating with referring, funded organisations to explore options for Parry to secure his own electrical toolkit is currently underway.

Who knew power tools are regarded in the same way as chef’s knives – i.e. every professional has their own set which NO ONE ELSE BORROWS!!?

Check back to see what the following weeks hold for Parry……