‘It’s only 15 minutes on the bus’!


That wasn’t the only positive thing Sinead had to say about her time and prospects at Iron Mountain.  Based at their Data Centre in Poplar, Sinead has been working with two graduates of Growing Talent – Caroline and Niro in learning the processes and software Iron Mountain uses.


Caroline shared what has happened for her since completing Growing Talent six months ago.  Apart from getting a social life back again – she went on holiday to the sun last year!  Thinking about being able to go on holiday will make the next few weeks easier for Sinead – she’s already worked out her first ‘payday’ as an employee at Iron Mountain is 28 May!


Caroline Dan Sinead

Pictured above left-right – Caroline, Dan & Sinead



Niro and Sinead



Niro popped in for a quick photo opportunity with Sinead above.  Niro has also done well since completing Growing Talent with Caroline above.  A graduate in finance, she’s helped out in Iron Mountain’s accounts team and featured in an internal magazine.


Dan explained there is a lot to learn.  Every client likes different information recorded.  The task of looking after a company’s sensitive data is a huge task.  Multiply that by the numbers of clients Iron Mountain  has and you begin to appreciate the responsibility Sinead has ahead of her.


Dan shared with us his 30 year journey with Iron Mountain in various roles from driver upwards.  Sinead was filled with more enthusiasm – if that’s possible!