July 2017……


The 13th round of Growing Talent started in July 2017.  Jamie – seen on the left in the photo above with his manager Phil – wanted to start a career.  He’d never had a full-time, permanent job before and was fed-up of daytime tv!


Whilst he had a lot of confidence amongst family and friends, the same couldn’t be said in the workplace.


Jamie’s commitment was clear from the start.  He listened to Phil and the team picking up the role quickly and growing in confidence to quickly support the team.


Fast forward to December 2017 and the Graduation, Jamie didn’t want to stick around for the photos!  It was Christmas deliveries to PwC and Mitie’s Service Solutions team was flat out.  Jamie wanted to help out!


Today, I bumped into Phil who gave a glowing update on Jamie…..


‘He’s doing so well.  He covered two departments on his own.  He always works late when it’s needed and is a strong member of the team.’.


What a great impression Jamie has made in less than a year!  A fabulous role model for others to follow.


Long may it continue…..