Kerry’s got this…..


Awesome phone catch-up with Kerry Growing Talentwith Pilgrims Risk Management Group yesterday was a rollercoaster of fun.

At the end of Growing Talent Orientation week, Kerry had a little trepidation on what to expect with the imminent SIA and first aid course in London.

Of course, she nailed it!

Kerry’s enthusiasm for this next chapter was clear in her voice. Delegates on the course were from diverse security positions with a range of employers – so Kerry had plenty of opportunity to use her skills from the orientation week – especially networking!

She was a little faxed when a couple of delegates were removed by the instructor at the start of the week but she kept focus. Absorbing all the information given.

Kerry learnt so much and wasn’t unsettled by the arrival of the exam invigilator – remember those days?!

Now comes the wait for the results. 10 days and counting!

Regardless, Kerry has learnt so many new skills including how to use a defribulator!

Kerry has shown us the benefits of pushing through the fear of negative overthinking to experience new things, gain new skills and move on.

Check back to see some more of Kerry’s journey.