‘Kill Them with Kindness’……


How often have you heard that?  It was said to me when first starting work.  The idea is, if anyone upsets you, insults you etc, you don’t sink to their level but be very kind.  The effect I’ve found has been startling.  People just don’t know how to react.  It diffuses just about any situation.


Stumbling across the Lady Gaga video below on YouTube – not a music video but a serious discussion at the US Conference of Mayors in 2017 with the Dalai Lama as one of her panel peers, I found what she said logical if not a little ‘flowery’ on the imagery.  She makes the point – do you agree?



Kindness is one of the tools we use in our communication armoury on Growing Talent.


Thoughtful communication is key to any relationship, whether it’s work or personal based.  Naturally as human beings we aren’t going to like everyone.  Rightly or wrongly we make snap decisions based on someone’s behaviour/attitude with little or no investigation into why they are behaving that way.


Maybe next time you feel slighted in some way kill them with kindness and see what happens!