Knock Knock………………..Who Is There?


Day three of the Orientation Week started with a work ethic questionnaire – some interesting views and a support gap analysis.


That sounds more technical than it is.  We go through life often accepting support/influence from everyone in our circle with no scrutiny on whether these influences are right for us or not.  By completing a grid we can see the true picture!


Following this was some case studies.  Working in pairs below the Growing Talent Associates worked on different scenarios then gave their views on what they would do.


James and Leah


James & Leah

Chelsea and Mehmet

Chelsea & Mehmet


Shay and Joshua

Shay & Joshua


Marta & Marli


Marta & Marli

Then there came a gentle knock at the door………


Shanika agreed to find a gap in her busy work schedule to return to Growing Talent and share her experiences and advice.  Having been on the same journey with Growing Talent 5, Shanika knows the ups and downs of what can lie ahead and the focus and commitment required to secure that end job.  A confidential roundtable enabled free flow of questions.


Of course she stuck around for a luscious lunch!!!


Last Agenda item was a timed run through of the brilliant ideas the guys have put together for Friday morning’s presentations before senior management.


More homework – practice, practice, practice – oh, and preparation for the tube strike!