Liam’s patience pays off!!!!


One of the toughest parts on Growing Talent is staying motivated whilst waiting for your employer’s vetting and compliance checks to be completed.

Sometimes this can cause a gap of multiple weeks between completing the Orientation Week and going on site.

Usually unemployed people aren’t always guided on the Right to Work documents and information they need to produce for the employer. So it can be a last minute rush especially where there are other factors in play.

For Liam, his delay was caused by the time an ex-employer took to send in a reference, something completely out of his control.

Today he sent a message confirming he will go on site with Katherine and her team at one of SPS UK and Ireland’s corporate sites in Central London from Monday 4 September.

Now, two weeks to complete all compliance checks is no mean feat for employers. So a massive shout out to Stace and her HR team for expediting the process.

Whilst it’s a little scary going into a completely new employment environment, I know Liam’s got this!

Go Liam!!!!!