London Vibe Day 1 & 2





A heavy two days kicked off our London Vibe focussing on the global two day Mental Health First Aider course!  Co delivering this time was Chris Thompson who was on Growing Talent 2 and recently completed his training as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor!


Chris teaching


After a sumptious three course lunch at De Vere’s restaurant, Chris delivered the second session of MHFA on depression and suicide to a focussed group of Growing Talent Associates despite a large lunch!


Chris helping


Kieran, Jerome, Priti and Maria working on a task guided by Chris in the background.


Williams and team


Mike, Will, Rose, Kearon and Leighon find a quiet corner to work on their case study.


Ernest Michael Jacq Rehanna


Ernest, Michael, Jacq and Rehana trying to avoid the camera!


So what were the guys thoughts on this intense two day section?:


‘Very interesting, extremely informative and an excellent life skills to have’, Jacq – Portico

‘Although I study Mental Health in my own time, this course was refreshing and boosted my confidence’, Rehana – Portico

‘I’ve learnt a lot of things |I didn’t know before and am more aware of Mental Health,’ – Maria – Wilson James

‘Really enjoyed this course.  The exercises were engaging.’ Kearon, working with Harrow Green

‘Topics were covered in a sensitive way’, Kieran – Mitie TDM

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop.  It gave me a new insight into Mental Health’, Ernest – Harrow Green

‘Opened my eyes to Mental Health’, William – Harrow Green

‘A real insight into Mental Health’, Jerome – Xerox


An exhausted group of Growing Talent Associates left day 2 ready for a pampering evening to reflect on the intense knowledge delivered and prepare for Day 3!