London Vibe – Day 3 – Get Fit & Nutrition with HNB


Mike and Kieran 2


After the intensity max strength of the MHFA course it as time to look more at fitness and nutrition in general.  A natural complement to the MHFA course.


Working in pairs, the guys were tasked to devise a ‘Get Fit Plan’ for people with low fitness and no money.  Creative in their thoughts, they delivered multiple ideas on fitness without the need for expensive gym equipment or membership.  Ideas ranged from walking with friends, to using household goods for weights, getting off a stop earlier and so on.  They also had to think about how to implement great practices at work such as using the stairs instead of lift.

Leighon and Kearon


Leighon & Kearan went for a timed schedule…….


Priti and Rahana delivering


Priti & Rehana used ideas from both the Holistic week and Rehana’s own expertise to deliver their plan.


Maria and Ernest


Maria & Ernest a ready to present their plan.  Maria is amazing – not sure I could do the Holistic week in Spanish!


Rose and Jerome delivering

Rose and Jerome brining true theatre to their presentation!


This led nicely into Healthy Nutrition Bites, a new company set-up by Sofie and Kate, Nutrition and Fitness Graduates who have devised an excellent healthy eating session specifically for Growing Talent Associates.


Firstly Sofie dispelled some of the myths surrounding the recent coverage of ‘sugar’ and the intresting ‘sugar free’ celeb books currently on the market.  Of course, these aren’t sugar free as they substitute sugar for similar products!


The Growing Talent Associates asked multiple questions along the way…..



Sofie DIY


Knowledge was then shared on how healthy swaps could easily be made, cheap and nutritional lunches including a DIY pot noodle!  Jerome at least gave it a try……….


Jerome tasting his heathy pot noodle

Armed with a lot more knowledge on fitness and nutrition, day 3 ended with smiles all round!