Mad Max? No, our Maxine!


Caught up with Max and her line manager Caroline at Harrow Green.  what a whirlwind time Max has had!


Caroline looks after all the systems Harrow Green operates.  From identification to implementation to training etc.  A hectic role demanding flexibility and ‘learning like a sponge’!  Her role takes her on site visits – often involving overnight stays.  Everyday is different and involves working with different people in different environments.


Maxine’s enthusiasm has seen her learn quickly, ask questions and build her knowledge of the systems in use.  She has already been to Army bases and locations from Feltham to Bovington with a lot more visits planned over the coming weeks.


Caroline said ‘Maxine has been a real help – difficult in my type of role’.


Max with left-right Michael, Daoud, Selwyn and Joshua


Max and the guys