Man talk……..


Harrow Green has commenced Growing Talent with an intense training programme for their drivers/fitters/porters.   Michael, Daoud, Kaith, Joshua & Selwyn have embraced the challenge of a new environment and totally new industry.


Sharon decided they deserved a day off today.  Not to relax, chill or watch repeats on daytime tv, oh no – all have to write a blog on their  experience so far.  I think it might have been easier to be in work!


Some of the guys have shared a snippet:


‘It’s going good.  Trevor, our trainer is brilliant.  There’s so much to learn and I’m learning a lot.  Best day so far was Wednesday.  We went into the City and saw some of the clients Harrow Green work for.  Ron the driver showed us all the tasks they do.  I’m so happy here!’ Selwyn


‘Oops, sorry I was in the shower when you called!  I’m really enjoying it the training is fantastic and the people at Harrow Green are so welcoming.  It really helps having the other lads around me.  Thanks for everything’  Joshua – who I hope wasn’t dripping wet from the shower!


‘Thanks’ – Daoud – a man of few words – unless talking about football!


‘I’m really enjoying it.  The travel is easy as well – only an hour from home – great!’ – Michael – a great organiser……


Learnt so much.  Day one was learning about the business, the industry and their clients.  Day 2 – manual handling and safety issues.  Day 2 a trip into the City – including Chancery Lane and Canary Wharf to see the clients they work with – and I get home by 6pm,’  Kaith


After the bonding, growth in self-esteem, confidence and communication, it’s great to know the guys are doing well on site.  No doubt their own blogs will follow!