Manuals for 2019 now ready to go to print!


Growing Talent is a robust journey into employment following selection by employers which includes two manuals for working from during the programme, referring to  after and onward information.


The Orientation manual gives a solid foundation for the five weeks ahead.  It shares how Growing Talent started, how it’s changed over the fives years, contains blank appraisals for completion and progress evaluation as well as information on all areas of communication, case studies and ad hoc signposting.


The Holistic manual is equally robust!  The focus here is on the soft skills essential to life long employment and includes personal finance, fitness without the gym, nutrition on a budget, art, waste and recycling and well being.


After an intense week of revamping the manuals to fit the new six week framework commencing in 2019, it was a huge relief to send them off to be printed!


Although intense, it was an empowering experience to see just how much Growing Talent has, well, grown!  From  an idea over a coffee it has changed hearts and minds along the way securing over 135 people into permanent, full-time jobs they wouldn’t have without this experience.


A great achievement for all involved…..


Time for a refreshing cup of tea!