Maxine’s World……..


As a Growing Talent Associate based with Harrow Green, Maxine is also learning to be Assistant Systems Administrator!  She’s in the front row above wearing the brown suit


Below is a sneak peak into her new world…….

“For my Growing Talent Placement I am working with Harrow Green, there is a lot to learn as my role is as an assistant to the system administrator, and I have never done anything like it before, but it is interesting and I am enjoying gaining new skills.  So far this week I have been working mostly at the Silvertown location, but have not just been behind a desk, we visited the warehouse here, as well as the one at Belvedere to see first-hand the new software in action, as well as note down the problems and bugs to be fixed.  I have been invited to accompany my supervisor on visits to help people learn how to use the software in other parts of the country, so will start off next week by going on a site visit for a few days, as well as attending the training sessions my supervisor will be running for the new users, which will be very helpful for me!  The people at Harrow Green are very friendly, and I am enjoying working here so far, I always feel upbeat after being able to say “See you tomorrow” to people, even if my brain feels exhausted from learning all day!  Having a structure to my day, and things to do and learn, is a very uplifting feeling:  Yay for Growing Talent!”