Metro Bank & Invest In Buy To Let


14 October 2015 saw Invest In Buy To Let’s seminar on property investment hosted by Metro Bank in Holborn.


RoseMarie on Meet and Greet


On entering the bank, I was greeted by a very professional, beaming Rose Marie who not only welcomed everyone but ensured appropriate introductions to Shane and Selvan – directors of Invest In Buy To Let – were made.


Return of Jerome


It was great to see Jerome there who left Growing Talent last week to take up a permanent position with Xerox.  Jerome wanted to support the team and even stayed until 7pm on his last day to help with last minute preparations.


Recording the event for PR purposes was Priti….. who also gave me a lesson on taking better photos on my iPhone which was great!

priti armed and ready


Priti, armed and ready to shoot!


Priti ready


Mike and Mali were there as well, networking with the guests.  Looking professional.


Mali big converstion

Mali sharing his passion for property and making money!  A short presentation then began with an introduction to Shane & Selvan, followed by an illustration of some of the services Invest In Buy To Let offers and an example an investment scenario based on a recent deal with a property developer…..


Selvan and Shane


A bout IBTL

Case study


More networking commenced after the presentation and I left the fabulous Growing Talent Associates – Priti, Mike, Jerome, RoseMarie and Mali to their jobs!