Minister of Employment & Growing Talent


I had an interesting call from the management of East London Job Centre Plus last night.  Damian Hinds MP and Minister for Employment had visited one of their sites to see how they are working with the unemployment on their journey back to work.


As luck would have it, Natasha was in the middle of doing a pre-screening session for Growing Talent.  This is an information session where unemployment people learn about Growing Talent and the potential opportunities it presents to them.


Impressed by the unique business-led mentoring forum which is Growing Talent, Damian asked Natasha and her manager Suk to send him some key details to present at The Sun employment roadshow at the Oval 28 June.


Hopefully more employers will be interested in this unique route to secure great talent within their business and get in touch.  110 people have secured permanent jobs through Growing Talent.  The unique point is, if all 146 people who started, had completed, they would all have gone into work.


The provisional job offer upfront, training and mentoring in the vacant role makes this a ‘no brainer’ for all.