Missing a trick?


Could the following be missing a trick?

Community guru’s specialising in getting our hidden talent into employment Unemployed people who want to work but have lost their confidence to do so

I say ‘yes’ if they aren’t using Growing Talent – the collaborative journey into permanent work comprising enlightened employers, unemployed talent, #JobCentrePlus and community specialists guiding people into permanent jobs.

They say there is strength in numbers. I’d agree. Our collaboration ensures any issue – no matter how small – is resolved quickly through our collaborative partnership.

Disrupting the usual recruitment methods and replacing cvs and job interviews with a speed dating session and 1-2-1 meetings has delivered premium results over the years Growing Talent has run for all parties.

Employers secure unique, sustainable talent they would never find using traditional methods.
Unemployed talent are empowered to secure a permanent job they have the tools to grow into a career.
Finally, JCP and community specialists see their customers go into permanent work and gain the ability to take control of their lives and move 

On arriving at the office today, I was greeted by “We met Mariia – she’s great, so friendly” by the Welcome Team. Upstairs, Mariia’s boss’s boss made a point of seeking me out to tell me how impressive Mariia is “she’s always early – look she’s in now”. 

Mariia has only been in the UK for a little over a year following her move from Ukraine. Her courage and determination has seen her collaborate with her peers Growing Talent undertake #I-act accredited training in Mental Health and wellbeing as well as completed all tasks in English even though she feels her English isn’t good enough!

Like so many other unemployed people who really want to work, employers can’t always see their hidden talent in a traditional recruitment method.

The cherry on the top for me was Mariia coming over to tell me how happy she was to now be working with the Honeywell team – “they are all lovely”. 

Throughout the Orientation and Holistic week Mariia always had a big smile but now it seems bigger! She’s loving the work and people. Although she’s exhausted at night she is so happy!

Mariia completed the Orientation & Holistic Week last week along with Kerry, Tia, Chyna, Liam, Parry & Nora who respectively started onsite this week with their insightful employers:

@PilgrimsRiskManagementGroup, @SPSUK&I, @BreyerGroup, @Pertemps

Our final programme of the year in London commences at the end of September – why not get involved?

Disrupt the norm!

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