More news on the London Vibe last week!


Lesley Davies, Head of Health, Safety and the Environment at PwC, delivered her bespoke 3Rs workshop.  No not the usual 3Rs but Refuel, Renewal & Rejuvinate!



Lesley shared some top information on how our body stores and breaks down food and how we can support it to be more efficient.


The portion sizes quiz was a real eye opener.  No one thought a recommended portion of cheese was that small!  Most enlightening was the ‘how many ingredients’ quiz.  With 48 different ingredients in a shop brought Blueberry muffin comprising different chemicals to give a shelf life – we’ll all think twice before making our selections in the future!


Lesley ended with some useful tips on keeping fit and alert at work especially the stand-up sit down exercise.  Just standing up and sitting down five times gets the blood pumping and takes the presure of our hearts.


The guys listened intently………………..




So now the Growing Talent Associates are efficient, nutritious, challenge ready beings!  Knowledge is power…………….