‘My First Time’…………As A MHFA Instructor!


Chris is often found in a park enjoying the natural surroundings.  Since he took part in the 2nd Growing Talent, Chris has encourged Growing Talent Associates to take time out, go for a walk, enjoy nature.


Now he’s a Mental Health First Aid Instructor and delivered his first course on 22 & 23 June!  What growth.


Gavin, Reese, Shanika and Jose MH

Gavin, Reese, Shanika & Jose working on an anxiety task set by Chris.




Chris helping Alex & Reese solve their case study.


Chris waiting


Waiting patiently for the guys to finish a task.


Chris covered the four core sections of the course professionally and efficiently.  Did the guys think the same?


“Great resources to explore independently”

” I have a friend with a mental health illness.  I’ll now be able to help him”

“Lots of detailed information I found useful and very important”

“I already had some knowledge but now have a much better prospective”

“Instructors were great!”

“ALGEE will stick with me!”

“I’ve changed my view on mental illness”


An exhausting but worthwhile two days covering anxiety, depression, psychosis, self-harm and myths associated with mental ill health.


Knowledge is Power!