New Year…. New Growing Talent!


We kick off the 20th programme with a new 6 week length with the employer speed dating on 22 January 2019.

The format remains the same:

  1. Selection based on ability to grow into a vacant role
  2. Basic police vetting
  3. Orientation week – confidence boosting session on workplace engagement
  4. 3 weeks full-time in the vacant role training with weekly appraisals
  5. Holistic week – life skills workshops including, personal finance, fitness without the gym, nutrition on a budget, art appreciation, wellness and qualification as a Mental Health First Aider – relevant in view of #wheresyourheadat
  6. Final week on site before formerly going into work.

We already have diverse employers from the hotel, security, recruitment and corporate front of house worlds.

What better way to confidently, efficiently find new sustainable, diverse talent than by growing your own?

Why not join those who have already signed up? No risk/no fee – what’s not to like?