No Man’s Land……


Over the weekend I saw Sir Patrick Stewart & Sir Ian McKellan in this Harold Pinter play.  Without researching the play, I booked tickets for a box – because they must have better views than the stalls/circle – right?  Wrong!


Well, things are not always as we imagine them to be.  On reflection, I thought how similar my  experience is to some of the experiences of Growing Talent Associates.


My expectation of the box being the best view – when in reality it is restricted giving a view of only half the stage – unless you abseil over the edge!  Was much like the expectations of some of the Growing Talent Associates – expectations don’t always match reality!


I thought about the two lead actors.  Excellent skill at their craft.  I’ve been enthralled by their pervious performances on both tv and film screens.  However, my view is without a great script, your won’t carry the audience no matter how great the actors are and this wasn’t a great script !


Despite looking forward to this play for some time, I left during the interval!  I realised:


  1.     You really have to do your research first
  2.     You have to know when to leave if it’s going to be a waste of time


Exactly what Growing Talent Associates must do.  Growing Talent isn’t for everyone – just as No Man’s Land wasn’t for me!