Nutrition on a Budget – HBN shows the way……


Health Bites Nutrition (HBN) is an innovative nutrition training company set-up by Kate & Sophie graduates in nutrition and sports science.  Sophie is now based in LA where she teaches the same there.  Kate is a nutrition specialist for a wide selection of clients from corporate, public sector to new mums and of course the Growing Talent Associates – who are very keen on good food without a premium price tag!


HBN’s workshop is specifically focussed on the Associates needs to incorporate healthy eating at home and at work.  Kate started by dispelling myths around popular ‘diets’ such as Davina McCall’s ‘sugar free’ programme which is actually full of fructose,glucose etc!!!!, advising on food groups, compositions and choices, quiz on sugar content before the guys made their DIY nutritious pot noodle! Who would have thought there was such a thing!


Kate shared lots of tips and ideas.


What was the verdict of the Associates?