Ouch! My head hurts……


Another ‘click bait’ title!  Don’t worry – I haven’t hit my head against a wall this time!

Who knew there was so many things to consider when re-branding? Definitely not me!

Anyone who knows me can appreciate how tough it is for a design team to work with me.  It’s not my forte nor is technology and now the two are combining for Growing Talent’s rebrand!

So, empathy for Pete and Nick from our funders design team!  Amongst my highly, descriptive brief to them was “no heavy colours, not too corporate and can we make it fun?”.  Growing Talent isn’t just about getting a job. It’s gaining lifelong strategy tools to get to where you want to be and progress onwards.

A sneak peek yesterday at the four unique design options Nick and Pete have designed was a revelation to me at how good I am at giving a design brief!!!! There were two standout designs for me that encapsulated everything I had in my head. How did the Guru and Wizard do that?

Also taking a peek with me were Adrienne Simpson and Adam Bushell who gave their insightful thoughts too.

The power of working as a team enables everyone’s diverse strengths and ideas to come together to deliver an awesome result.

Of course, you guys have to wait a little longer for the big reveal!

Pete & Nick SPS

Our lead sponsor Allen Salmon

Thanks everyone involved for your patience (with me!) and your creativity!