Pertemps – Vernon House!


Walking along Scillian Avenue to Pertemps new offices, I was reminded of the cafe culture in Brussels with restaurant staff trying to engage to get you in to their restaurants!


Located opposite the Spaghetti House, Pertemps new offices are much more spacious.  There in the thick of it was Marta – seen above with Jamie So, a staunch supporter of Growing Talent and a senior manager at Pertemps.


Firstly Marta and I went into an interview room to chat about how things had progressed over the first four weeks.  Marta shared whats she’s learnt so far and how despite not thinking of recruitment as a career choice it could actually suit her.  Cool, calm and collected she soaks up information like a sponge!


Rolling up her sleeves ready for the work ahead – Marta getting ready for action!



Afterwards, I caught up with Jamie – who so far is really pleased with Marta’s progress


I left Marta, Jamie and the team to another hectic afternoon in the heady world of recruitment.