Progression at Harrow Green!


Originally, my final visit to Harrow Green was to see Nad who had chosen to undertake a project for the company rather than attend the Holistic Week.


What a surprise – there was Charlene from Growing Talent 8 now part of the office team!


Charlene is now an office bunny

What a difference from her early days as the first female porter!


Tina Charlene and Kearon


Go Charlene – continue to push yourself.


So how was Nad?  Doing very well!  relaxed and laid back as ever but still willing and enthused to work anywhere.  Apart from porter duties, he’s working in admin, security, marketing – anything he’s asked.  The future looks very bright for Nad……….

Nad at the end


On my way out – I saw Charlene! Putting to good use the knowledge gained during the Health Nutrition Bites workshop during the Holistic Week – healthy lunch!


Emma and Bowl


We wait to see the great progression stories that lie ahead………………