Raju – “It’s great to help”


Look, listen, learn & pass on to others......

You never know when what you learn during training will come in handy.  

As an Instructor, I know sometimes when I deliver mental health and wellbeing within the  corporate sector, some delegates are not always ‘present’.  The pressures of work life taking over…….

Until the weekend when I received a message from Raju, I hadn’t realised what an impact – years later – this invaluable training can give.

I worked with Raju on a previous talent programme called the Real Apprentice.  This was a work experience programme designed to give confidence and substance to a cv.  It was a happy by product the employer events we held at the end saw over 75% go into work.

It’s over five years since I worked with Raju but have kept in touch via LinkedIn.  This is his message:

“Hi Jane, Just wanted to drop you a line and say a thank you for the Mental Health First Aid workshop you ran a few years ago. I receive a message from someone who I worked with who was going through a very difficult time. I was able to support them to get the help they needed and they are doing very well! It’s been something that I’ve realise is a vital skill to have so thank you very much!”

So, I have two thoughts from Raj’s message.  The first for delegates.  Be like Raju – embrace the training because it really can make a difference.  Even where the training is job related and not directly about wellbeing – you will learn something.

The second thought is for Instructors.  Always deliver with passion and generosity.  Sharing your knowledge is a powerful thing to do.  Even if some of your delegates look as thought they don’t want to be there, the majority will be present and engaged.  Don’t be detracted.  You are making a difference.

We all have an impact on each other.  Let’s choose to make it a positive one!