Reese is in the house!


On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, I went to visit Reese who is working with John Graham and the Archiving team at PwC’s offices in More London. Thankfully Leon & Chris were on the Service Solutions desk and Leon was able to lead the way……….


Down the stairs, through endless corridors – which all look the same to me! until we finally found Archiving!


As you can see from the feature photo, Reese is still cool, calm and collected – looking as though he has worked there years – not just over a week!



Putting me to shame, Reese easily led the way back to reception where we chatted about what he has been doing within the team.   On the way through, we bumped into Pedro de Souza the hospiality guru who looks after Growing Talent graduation ceremonies.  Pedro and Reese chatted for a while – another contact to network with Reese!


On a nice day, Reese walks to work at just under 50mins.


Looking forward to what lies ahead I left Reese pondering the schedule for the Holistic Vibe in June – which includes an Art class!