Resilience Rules!


On the Growing Talent journey we have always focussed on resilience. Strong resilience enables us to cope with whatever pressures life and work throws at us.

It’s more vital than ever to focus on building our resilience during the strange time of Covid19 and the pain it is causing business and communities globally.

In March 2019, the pandemic saw an immediate halt to Growing Talent as, understandably, no employers were recruiting.

Up to this point, we had recognised the importance of building resilience within the unemployed participants selected by employers to take part during their orientation and holistic elements. One of the tools used as part of this was MHFAEngland’s First Aider course.

There were a number of shortcomings in this course. Key ones for me:

  1. Reactive – doesn’t proactively build resilience to prevent issues arising
  2. Non-accredited – just how valuable is a ‘certificate of attendance’?

I’ve used the arrival of the global pandemic to investigate a better product for our future Growing Talent Associates. Going forward participants will undertake I-act’s Understanding and Promoting Positive Mental Health and/or Managing and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing.

The key positives that outshine MHFAEngland’s First Aider Course includes:

  1. Proactive – focus on preventing issues arising
  2. Over 50 self care tools for individuals and those around them to build resilience
  3. Designed specifically for the workplace
  4. Accredited by Royal College of Psychiatrists

Over this period, I’ve delivered these courses for various sectors and delegates at all levels. Below is feedback on the courses:

& Feedback on me above!

Really looking forward to delivering this innovative, accredited, resilient course to future participants of Growing Talent!