Roll Call of honour for Harrow Green – Finalists in BIFM Awards


Harrow Green, staunch supporters of Growing Talent since the beginning are finalists for a prestigious award with BIFM.  Noted for their unique in-house training the category they have entered – Learning & Career Development – includes their support of Growing Talent.


With multiple examples of their focus on learning and development from Growing Talent alone, they are already winners in our eyes!


Below is our very own tribute to Sharon and ‘The Legend’ also known as Trev seen below deliberating on the potential Growing Talent Associates they’ve seen at the most recent Employers selection in August 2015:


Trev and sharon



From Growing Talent 2 – James sitting on the left in the front row.  James has been a huge supporter on following programmes sharing his experiences with both future applicants, employers and JobCentre Plus managers.  He has worked in operations, security and administration.  Sat on the right behind James is Samick who joined as an Assistant Accountant – with just two more exams to sit, Sam will soon be fully qualified.



Matt joined on the 3rd programme.  With previous experience in the courier buisness and holding a HGV licence, Matt soon hit the ground running as his confidence in being back at work soared.  He’s now a supervisor with the warehouse team and involved in training multiple Growing Talent Associates that have followed him.  Even more impressive, Matt has recommended a new employer to recruit through Growing Talent!


Growing Talent 4 below shows Michael and Maxine in the front role with Selwyn, Daoud and Joshua – all doing very well still.


Next we had Growing Talent 5 featuring Jason, Shanika and Jose who all joined Harrow Green.  Shanika in Customer Services and Jose in HR – he’s now almost finished his evening studies!  Jason joined the warehouse team and loves the work and his employer.




The next Growing Talent started before the 5th one had finished so Harrow Green skipped this.


Growing Talent 7 is the latest programme which commenced in August this year.  Sharon and Trev served as judges on the Social Enterprise panel:


GT7 and Judges

Currently training with them are Leighon, Kearon, Ernest & William – all doing exceptionally well supported not only by Harrow Green but their employees who joined via Growing Talent!


Training that changes lives is something unique and very special.  Harrow Green are already winners in our eyes.  Come on BIFM!


Winners announced this evening at the Grosvenor House Hotel…………………..