Seb’s in the house!


After a walk, a tube, another walk and then some 15 minutes spent trying to find “Passageway Alley” I finally arrived opposite the Aslef offices at the entrance to Invest In Buy To Let.  Lesson learnt – beware of Google maps and maybe work out North from South dah!


Sebastien came down to meet me and we chatted in the foyer – more like a sun room it was so bright and airy!  Seb explained what he’s been doing to support Tan and the team.  He’s learning from them as well as the Directors – Shane and Selvan.


So far he has  done a lot of cold calling getting leads and doing follow-ups.  He’s also been to a couple of the free evening events where he has met some of Invest In Buy To Let’s customers.  Although this has meant some long days, he’s really enjoyed seeing the business from different perspectives.  Currently, he also going some on-line training to help integrate the numerous systems the company currently uses.


Also in the office was Silin from Growing Talent 10 who works for Shane on his Create a Business enterprise.

An environment with a great ‘vibe’, I left Sebastien to get on with the world of Property Investment armed with some of Selvan’s wife’s fruit cake – delicious – to find my way back to the station!